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Save the Date for Susan Binkowski, Entrepreneur and S.A.L.T.T. Executive Board Member

  • Full Hot Breakfast
  • Wednesday, May 30th 7:30 to 9am
  • East Cooper Baptist Church, 361 Egypt Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Susan Binkowski has been the CEO and founder of Esperanza Real Estate Investments, LLC, which means “Hope”, since 2004.  Susan also leads Vision and Development together with husband and founder, Hank Binkowski, of their (14) Buy For Less/Uptown Grocery Co./Super Mercado stores in the Oklahoma City metro area.  The Buy For Less Company just celebrated it’s 30th year in business.

Susan has spent the last 14 years in residential and multi-family real estate development, construction and interior design.  She has built, sold, remodeled and developed over 100 properties in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Nichols Hills, Midwest City and Norman, Oklahoma areas.  

In 2012, she expanded this expertise crossing over into commercial retail construction with the award-winning design, of Uptown Grocery Co. This store anchored a 120-acre development in Edmond, OK.  This design became a flagship store for the Buy For Less Company, as well as a new ministry tool for community place-making. The two have since opened their second Uptown Grocery Co in 2016 and future sites are in process.

Susan, the youngest of six children, is a double PK (Preacher’s Kid). Susan has had the privilege to “Mother” 6 children.  A celebration of those that came “through” her, and “to” her by blending a family in marriage as well as children added through fostering.  


Susan holds an RN, BSN in Nursing from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Susan continues to parlay her nursing background into the marriage of the grocery industry by passionately seeking ways to demolish income and geographic barriers that can prevent healthy eating, nutrition and food access.  Well studied is that many life expectancies assessed simply by zip code.

Susan has a background in the finance industry as a loan officer/broker for over 5 years.  This acumen and understanding of finance regulations and relationships has been pivotal as she moved from securing loans for others, to launching her own real estate business.


Being awakened through S.A.L.L.T. (Salt and Light Leadership Training) in 2013, as to the calling to minister and guide not just her own business, but her CITY of OKC.  S.A.L.L.T. fundamentally seeks to “ignite and unite followers of Jesus to become the

extravagant hope to our city.”   She leans into championing for providers and advocates, and legislators working on behalf of children in foster care, as well as those seeking the “Shalom” and the flourishing of children.  Since S.A.L.L.T. graduation she was asked to join the Executive Board and has served since.

As evidence to that awakening, she and her husband continue to serve as foster parents, and actively engage in the promotion and support of the “Church” meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in OKC.   Her ultimate vision is to bring Glory to God, to restore the belief in our culture that the “Church” should and can love others better than government entities. Her prayers is that other believers will also rise up once again to reclaim Jesus last commandment to his disciples, “To Love One Another, so that, they will know that you are my followers…..”

She and her family attend and serve at their local church,  LifeChurch and worship with diversity at several of it’s campuses.  Susan and her husband Hank, believe that while the grocery business is their vocation, it is also their ministry and platform that God has given them to leverage in a broken world, and to invite and ignite change within the diverse neighborhoods and communities they serve.

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